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Alison Durkee Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano chats it up with supporters of President Donald Trump as they ... [+] demonstrate outside the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, a Republican who chairs the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee, said Wednesday he had sent letters to Philadelphia, York and Tioga counties asking them to turn over election materials by July 31. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the materials being requested are “sprawling” and include ballots, voting machines, vote counting equipment, mail-in ballot envelopes and mail-in ballot applications. If the counties do not provide the materials as Mastriano requested, the lawmaker said on the John Fredericks Show Wednesday he would convene a committee meeting to vote on whether subpoenas can be issued to force the counties to comply, which he believes they would. Mastriano said the audit would not be a recount but a comprehensive “forensic investigation,” in which ballots will be analyzed to see whether they were filled in by a human, voting machines examined and signatures scrutinized, among other efforts. The Arizona State Senate similarly launched their controversial election audit by subpoenaing election materials from county officials, which were then turned over to the private companies running the audit. The audit will not change the election results, but critics warn it could sow distrust in the election result, and Mastriano said Wednesday if “there are magnificent issues that come out of it, it’s going to have to go to a court.” “I believe the only way to restore confidence in our Commonwealth’s election process is to undertake a forensic investigation,” Mastriano announced on his own website . “By doing this, faith in our election system will be restored.” The Philadelphia city commissioners’ office said in a statement to Forbes that it received Mastriano’s letter and is reviewing it. Though he would not comment on Mastriano’s request, Deputy Commissioner Nick Custodio noted Mastriano’s letter “reiterates claims about the November 2020 election that have been resoundingly rejected by courts” and said “the repetition of baseless claims by elected officials poses a real challenge to our democratic processes.”  Mastriano said Wednesday the three counties targeted in his letters were expected to just be “round one” and letters to additional counties would likely be issued. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and the Pennsylvania Department of State said Wednesday the state was prepared to fight any subpoenas issued for election materials and called on counties to refuse Mastriano’s request. Pennsylvania is one of multiple battleground states that is now considering its own election audits in the wake of the Arizona audit, which has attracted significant attention from Republicans despite widespread concerns over transparency, privacy, how it’s being funded and the fact that it’s being run by Cyber Ninjas , a private firm whose CEO has no election experience and has spread conspiracy theories about election fraud. Wisconsin Republicans have also launched an investigation into their election, and efforts to start up new audits have also moved forward in other states like Georgia and Michigan. Pennsylvania click was one of the most heavily contested battleground states during the presidential election, as the Trump campaign and other Republicans alleged widespread fraud and filed numerous failed lawsuits in the state trying to overturn the results. The state government has already conducted a risk-limiting audit that affirmed that President Joe Biden won the state, and there is no evidence of widespread fraud in the state’s election. Mastriano’s attempt to launch a partisan election audit comes after Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, vetoed other Republican “election integrity” efforts in June, including a sweeping voting bill that would have imposed numerous restrictions and an effort by Republicans to funnel money in the state budget toward establishing a Bureau of Election Audits. The Associated Press reported Friday that before sending letters to the counties Wednesday, Mastriano had already taken his first steps toward launching an audit last week by briefing lawmakers on his plan and reaching out to legal counsel to see whether a privately funded audit, as the Arizona one is, would be permissible under state law.

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